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Tax Concierge mx

Representation Service


By hiring this service, you will have credited your tax payments, avoiding double taxation of ISR, and you will be able to benefit from the agreement among the governments of the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Tax Concierge mx
Avoid fines and prove the Tax Payment

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Did you know that the 20% withheld by Airbnb is NOT enough to credit the compliance of the tax payments in Mexico?


The actual tax demanded by the Mexican government varies from 17% and 35% depending on the amount of your income. If Airbnb only withholds 20%, it is up to you to credit the payment and file the remaining percentage before the SAT.

Tax Concierge provides you with an Income Tax Retention Proof as evidence to reduce your country’s tax payment and to benefit from the non-double taxation agreement.

Check the following information

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Tax Concierge mx

With Tax Concierge, you will have access to a personal portal on the website where you can obtain precise and detailed information about your transactions, as well as reports and graphs.


At any time, you will have support and assistance through communication channels such as email, chat, and scheduled appointments on the webpage.

Would you like to know more about us, talk to an expert?

How much does it cost Tax Concierge?


5% service fee

4.75% tax on recovered expenses

From the resulting incomes, we will pay the taxes according to the table included in the 96th article from the Income Tax Law, which is:

Tax Concierge mx


We wire the resulting amount into your bank account after deducting taxes, as well as Tax Concierge and bank fees. 


That is how quickly you will have complied with the new tax law.


Amazing, right?

Tax Concierge mx

How can we help you?


Tax Concierge provides you with the necessary documentation that certifies that you have already paid the required taxes by Mexican regulations, which you must submit in your country to benefit from the non-double taxation treaty, same as we list below:

Tax Concierge mx
Retention certificate confirming
the payment of corresponding
taxes of each income
Tax Concierge mx
Annual and provisional Tax Return of our company
Tax Concierge mx
Commission Contract

Fundamental pillars

Tax Concierge is the solution you need!


Tax Concierge calculates and pays taxes for you.

This service is based on 3 fundamental pillars:

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Since the entry into force of the “Tax Regime of Digital Platforms”, the Mexican Law establishes that users who generate income through platforms must pay Income Tax (ISR, in Spanish) and Value Added Tax (IVA). 

To comply thereof, hosts have to be registered with the Mexican tax authority as taxpayers (to have a Federal Taxpayer Registry Code), as well as submit returns and pay taxes timely.

Tax Concierge offers a representation service in legal and tax matters to facilitate this process and accredit the payment of taxes in Mexico in accordance with the current tax legislation.


Remember that non-compliance can generate unnecessary fines and sanctions for the Mexican government. And not having an adequate document that certifies the payment of taxes in Mexico will not be able to benefit from the non-double taxation treaty either.

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Representation and tax payment proof

Tax Concierge guarantees the service through the signing of a Commercial Contract and provides the necessary official documentation to prove the payment in Mexico, such as the Withholding Certificate, which also works to avoid double taxation of the Income Tax; in this way, the amount of taxes to be paid in your country of origin is reduced.


Consider that representing yourself before the tax authorities in Mexico liberates you from uneasy procedures and from calculating and paying independently since the amounts are not easy to determine because they are computed in tables with difficult percentages and operations to understand.

Grupo 149.png


The calculations made by Tax Concierge are 100% supported by the Income Tax Law and in the Official Gazette of the Federation, where the tables established by the SAT to calculate taxes are, and which vary based on the income obtained.


For example, if in a fortnightly period, your amounts are below MXN 24,000.00, your ISR payment will be less than 20%. This may mean an increase in your income, already considering our services.


On the other hand, if in a fortnightly period, your income is less than MXN 25,000.00, the ISR deduction will not be enough with 20%. Check the retention percentages based on your income.

Avoid exposing yourself to sanctions and breaches!

Remember that with Tax Concierge you will comply 100% 

with what is established by the Tax Law in Mexico.

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