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Management Service


By hiring this management service, Tax Concierge enables you to obtain a higher income from the rent of your lodging.


You will have control of your income as we provide you with receipts for each bank transaction.

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Check the following information

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Also, with Tax Concierge, you will have access to a personal portal on the website where you can obtain precise and detailed information about your transactions, as well as reports and graphs.


At any time, you will have support and assistance through communication channels such as email, chat, and scheduled appointments on the webpage.

Would you like to know more about us, talk to an expert?

How much does the Management Service cost


10% service fee for the management of your rent


We wire the amount resulting from subtracting this percentage into your bank account by concept of rent through Airbnb (information that you will supply us), and  you will have your wire in less than 72  hours.

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For your peace of mind, Tax Concierge provides you with the following documentation:

 Commercial Commission Contract            Bank Transfer receipts           Withholding Statements

Our service provides you with peace of mind and the additional income you need to grow your business.


Sign up today and start enjoying the advantages of Tax Concierge!

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