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Navigating New Property Productions: Top 5 Platforms for STR Property Forecasting

Platforms that specialize in predicting the potential success of new property productions in the STR market

Investing in short-term rental (STR) properties can be a lucrative venture, but accurate forecasting is essential to maximize returns. Fortunately, there are platforms that specialize in predicting the potential success of new property productions in the short-term rental market. In this article, we'll explore five top platforms that provide valuable insights for forecasting the performance of STR properties.


AirDNA is a robust platform tailored for short-term rental investors. Its MarketMinder tool allows users to analyze vacation rental data, providing information on occupancy rates, nightly rates, and revenue forecasts. AirDNA's comprehensive market reports and property-specific analytics empower users to make data-driven decisions when evaluating the potential success of a new STR property.



Mashvisor combines real estate analytics with artificial intelligence to offer investors valuable insights into property performance. The platform provides detailed analyses of key metrics such as rental income, cash flow, and occupancy rates. With its predictive analytics features, users can forecast the potential success of a new STR property based on historical data and market trends.


Transparent Intelligence

Transparent Intelligence specializes in providing market intelligence for the short-term rental industry. Their platform offers property-level data and analytics, allowing users to assess the performance of similar properties in a given market. Transparent Intelligence enables investors to make informed decisions by forecasting revenue, occupancy rates, and pricing strategies for new STR properties.


Beyond Pricing

Beyond Pricing focuses on dynamic pricing solutions for short-term rentals. By leveraging data on local demand, seasonality, and competitor pricing, Beyond Pricing's platform optimizes nightly rates to maximize revenue. Investors can use this tool to forecast income potential and fine-tune pricing strategies for new STR properties based on real-time market dynamics.


AllTheRooms Analytics

AllTheRooms Analytics provides a comprehensive suite of tools for short-term rental property forecasting. The platform aggregates data from various sources to offer insights into market trends, demand fluctuations, and property performance. Investors can utilize AllTheRooms Analytics to assess the viability of new STR properties in specific locations, considering factors such as seasonality and local events.

The success of a short-term rental property investment hinges on accurate forecasting and strategic decision-making. The platforms mentioned above offer diverse approaches to analyzing market trends, occupancy rates, and revenue potential. By utilizing these tools, investors can gain a deeper understanding of the short-term rental landscape and make informed choices when forecasting the success of new property productions in the STR market.

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